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Our institution provides students with the unique combination of character development and academic vision needed to pursue a career.

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Information technology

Learn essential tools and techniques for precision modeling and drafting.Explore various fields of study and gain a solid foundation for your future career.Both are valuable to industry.

Hotel management
Construction Project Management

Gain expertise in planning, executing, and overseeing construction projects. Learn to navigate budgets, schedules, and teams to deliver successful construction ventures.

Information technology
Software engineering

Dive into the world of software development and engineering. Master the art of creating reliable, efficient, and scalable software solutions for today’s technology-driven world. Suport for your future careers.

Hotel management
Travels And Tourism Management

Explore the exciting world of travel and tourism, and gain the skills to create memorable experiences for travelers. Learn to manage destinations, customer service, and the business of exploration.

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Global Certification

Prepare for success on the global stage. Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to earn internationally recognized certifications, setting you on a path to a thriving global career.


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Access a wealth of online resources at your fingertips. Explore digital libraries, course materials, and interactive platforms to enhance your learning experience anytime, anywhere.


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Experience the perfect blend of affordability and top-notch quality. Our facilities offer budget-friendly options without compromising on the quality of books, stationery, and related services.

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Join the World of Success through the Education with NAMS. We are available at anytime to serve your Learning Thrust. 

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